What is Docker and Containers

Docker is an engine which seperate application /services in different containers. All these containers are seperated from each other but uses the same linux kernal from the underlying hos system. Means, the docker engin builds on linux. You can run every linux OS as a container on a docker engine, however no windows container. If you install docker on a windows system, docker will install a linux vm in the background which provides the kernal for our linux containers.

Every container has it's own dependencies and libraries (it's own environment). Isolate by running linux namespaces.

Containers vs Virtual Machines


dockerfile = baseline. You create an image from a dockerfile.
Image = like a template, which deploys /builds your container. You can provide several containers based on one image. The image will run on every docker engine the same way. Simplyfi copy the image file to another host with docker on it.
container = isolated environment based on a docker image.

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